Stipendium Hungarian Scholarship 2023-24

Finally, the Higher education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) announced Stipendium Hungarian Scholarship 2023-24 for Pakistani students to study in Hungary with fully funded scholarships in Hungary. This is a fully funded scholarship that covers all the expenses and living costs of Pakistani students while their studies at Hungarian Universities. Higher Education Commission Pakistan (HEC) announced the Hungary Scholarship 2023-24 for Pakistani Students. Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship is a fully funded scholarship for international students to study in Hungary. If you are not from Pakistan don’t worry, you can apply through your own country agency. All you can do is check your country’s Agency.

Brief Description:-

Program Name: Hungaricum Stipendium Scholarship Program 2023-24
  •          Universities: Hungarian Universities
  •          Department: All departments are available
  •         Available Course Level: Bachelor/Master/PhD
  •          Number of Awards: 400

Eligibility Criteria For Hungry Scholarship 2024:

  • ​​Applicants keeping one Nationality are eligible to apply. To apply for fully funded scholarships click here
  • IELTS or TOEFL is not required.
  • Applicants whose degree is about to end in September or applicants in; the last year of their degree or result awaiting candidates are eligible to apply for this scholarship.
  • The applicant must be 18 years old to apply for Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship.
  • For Undergraduate Programs and One-Tier Master’s degree programs i.e. DVM, D-Pharm, Medicine/Dentistry, etc., the applicant must have completed his/her 12th year of education earlier or before August 01, 2023.
  • Candidates must have to apply on Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship’s website portal.
  • For Master’s or Postgraduate Programs applicant must have completed 16 years of Bachelor/or equivalent degree .
  • For Ph.D. Programs, the applicant must have completed 17/18 years Post Graduate or equivalent degree before last date.
  • The attesting authorities such as IBCC as required must attest all the Certificates/Transcripts/Degrees, where applicable by the Hungarian side.
  • All applicants must submit a medical certificate of satisfactory health condition (issued not earlier than 15 November 2023,
  • In case of final selection, applicants will have to submit a bond on legal paper to HEC or their Home agency that he/she will not change discipline after the final award of the scholarship, and immediately after completion of his/her degree, he/she will return back to their homeland.
  • Applicants must fulfill all other requirements set by the host Hungarian university/Tempus Public Foundation/Higher Education Commission of Pakistan or your own country agency Check it out https://stipendiumhungaricum.hu/partners/.
  • All applicants are required to provide USAT (Undergraduate) or HAT (Master/M.Phil./Ph.D.) test scores.
  •  Applicants must have obtained a minimum score of 50 out of 100 in the USAT or HAT test. Those applicants who have taken the USAT or HAT test on or after January 01, 2023, may upload the test result on the HEC  portal for consideration.

Note For Pakistani Students:-

Applicants are informed that previous scores of HAT Undergraduate categories i.e. HAT-UG-M, HAT-UG-E, HAT-UG-G, are not applicable for the scholarship. Without providing a minimum USAT or HAT test score (50 out of 100), applications will not be considered for further processing. Interested applicants who are yet to take the USAT or HAT test, may register for the same by visiting https://etc.hec.gov.pk/.​ ·         In case of failure to submit of final degree and transcript on https://apply.stipendiumhungaricum.hu/ before August 01, 2023, the candidature will be canceled.

FINANCIAL COVERAGE by Hungry Scholarship:-

  1. Accommodation
  2.  Health facilities
  3. 1 air Ticket from Pakistan to Hungary
  4. Living expenses
  5. The stipend will be provided
  6.  To get further details of financial coverage click here .

Programs Offered

  1.  Bachelor (4 years)
  2. One-Tier Master (6 years)
  3. Master/MPhil (2 years)
  4. Ph.D. (3 years)
There are more than 250 degree programs for international students in Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarships 2023 but each country has its own criteria.

Required Documents by Hungry Scholarship:-

Online Application Forms applicants must fill out both HEC and Hungarian application forms available on the websites
  •          Motivation Letter
  •         English Proficiency Certificate
  •          SSC transcript and certificate
  •          HSSC transcript and certificate if available
  •          Medical Certificate (Medical Certificate form)
  •          Copy of passport
  •          Acceptance letter (Ph.D. only)

How to apply for the Hungry Scholarship:-

How to apply for STIPENDIUM HUNGARICUM SCHOLARSHIP? We have discussed these details below here step by step in this article:-
  •          ​Applicants are MANDATORILY required to submit online applications at the Hungarian website and HEC website or Find your own country agency Here. Failure to submit online application forms on BOTH websites.
  •          Hard copies of applications and other documents are not required at the initial stage.
  •          At a later stage of the selection process, applicants will be required to submit hard copies (including online application forms submitted at the HEC website & Hungarian website) along with attested photocopies of all the original documents.
  •          Original medical certificate and police clearance certificate also need to be submitted at later stages of the application process.

·         Step (1) Tempus Public Foundation Online Application:

All applications shall be submitted through the online application system of Tempus Public Foundation Hungary. Please note that no applications will be accepted without the online submission and after the deadline. After applying online, get printed copies for record. To apply online please visit here

·         Step (2) HEC Online Application:

Apply online at http://scholarship.hec.gov.pk/. After registering and filling out your profile, please select “Hungarian Scholarship Program”. After submission of the application, get its printed copy to be signed by the applicant.
  •          Before applying, kindly update your HEC profile with the latest email/cell number & updated information.
  •          In case of non-submission of forms on any of the above two portals, the candidature will not be considered.
  •          All applicants are required to provide HAT or USAT test scores. Test categories are attached for information on applicants. All applicants are required to provide USAT (Undergraduate) or HAT (Master/M.Phil./Ph.D.) test scores.
  •          Those interested applicants who are yet to take the USAT or HAT test may register for the same by Clicking Here
  • For scholarships in USA click here

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