vinuniversity scholarships for international students 2023

Vin University Scholarships 2023 (Apply)

Vin University Scholarships for International Students 2023 (Apply)

VIN Group, Vietnam’s biggest private enterprise, runs the private university VIN University. International students can apply for scholarships offered by the university. Cornell University and the University of Pennsylvania are partners with VIN University. That is a university in Vietnam that today welcomes teachers and students from 27 other nations who share its principles of inclusiveness and diversity. That’s why everyone should apply for Vin University Scholarships for International Students

VinUniversity is now accepting admissions to three colleges with the following degree programs for the 2023–24 academic year. There are no limits based on nationality for any international candidates. Moreover, VIN University offers a variety of scholarships. Below are some details on the Vin University Scholarships for International Students 2023.


Valencia University Scholarships Information 2023

Summary of Contents

  1. Information about Vin University Scholarships for Colleges and Academics in 2023
  2. Financial Assistance and Scholarships for Foreign Students
  3. Scholarship Qualification
  4. How to Use
  5. Vietnam is the host nation.


Academics and Colleges

Business and Management College

Six majors in the Bachelor of Business Administration (Business Analytics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Hospitality Leadership, Marketing, and Operation & Supply Chain Management).

  1. Engineering & Computer Science College:
  2. Engineering in Electrical Science bachelor’s degree
  3. Mechanical engineering bachelor’s degree
  4. Computer science bachelor’s degree
  5. Health Sciences College:
  6. Medical expert
  7. Nursing bachelor’s degree
  8. Do not miss this opportunity if you are seeking

an international university with campuses in Vietnam where you may meet smart people and learn from experienced professors while also maximizing your ability to follow your aspirations.

Financial Assistance and Scholarships for Foreign Students

These are the specifics of the scholarship:

Merit-based Scholarships at VinUniversity:

Provide 50% to 100% of a student’s tuition costs throughout their entire degree program at while VinUniversity. Full scholarships will be given to students with extraordinary talent, covering 100% of the tuition fee and an additional US$1,500 for living expenses.

VinUniversity Financial Aid:

  • It provides students with a 50-100 percent concession in fees for their entire degree program.
  • Vingroup gives a 35% of tuition subsidy:
  • All admitted students will receive a 35% tuition fee subsidy from Vingroup For the academic year 2023-2024. This is not applicable to merit-based Scholarships and Financial Aid recipients.
  • IN ADDITION, OTHER additional support from VinUniversity and partner organizations for specific applicants. All students are eligible for MORE THAN 01 type of scholarship and support.
  • Get more information by visiting 

Scholarship Eligibility

  • Eligible Countries: All countries
  • Eligible Applicants: graduate from any high school in the world with an excellent academic record.

How to Apply:

Find out how to apply to VinUni here:


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