ICYF International Volunteer Camp Turkey

ICYF International Volunteer Camp Turkey Anatolia 2023

The International Council for Youth Foundation by Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum (ICYF) is a global organization that promotes voluntarism and social justice through its programs started accepting applications for the summit ICYF International Volunteer Camp Turkey  Anatolia 2023

 ICYF has a program in Turkey that provides volunteer opportunities for high school students, College students, undergraduates, and Graduates from around the world.

Turkey is the newest member of the ICYF international volunteer camp family and it offers an immense opportunity for volunteers to gain experience working with children in a fun and supportive environment. The country’s landscape is dotted with stunning lakes and mountains, making for some incredible hiking and camping experiences. 

No IELTS or TOEFL is required. No Turkish Language proficiency is required.

Since 2005, ICYF has hosted a volunteer camp in the province of Antalya on the Mediterranean coast.

ICYF is one of the world’s largest youth development organizations. It has been working in Turkey since 1997.

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The organization operates a volunteer camp in Kayseri province every summer. This year it welcomed more than 350 volunteers from 42 countries.

The volunteers work on different activities such as art and music therapy, environmental education, community service, sports, and more.

If you have the desire to visit Turkey and explore the various part of it, the ICYF International summit could be the best fit for you.

Details About ICYF International Volunteer Camp Turkey

  1. ICYF International Volunteer Camp Turkey is an 8-week summer camp for children and young adults from around the world.
  2. The camp provides a unique environment for volunteers to work with children, learn about Turkish culture, and make friends from around the world.
  3. International Volunteer Camp Turkey is a unique and unique opportunity for volunteers to experience the country and culture while building valuable skills.
  4. Campers can choose from one of the many activities offered each day, including arts and crafts, food preparation, environmental work, health and safety training, and more.
  5. The program is open to both adults and children aged 12-25.

Information about ICYF International Forum Turkey

Country: Turkey (Anatolia)

Coverage: Fully Funded

Category: Forum

Duration: 8 Weeks

Deadline: 30 June 2023

History of ICYF

ICYF International Volunteer Camp Turkey was founded in 1993, as a response to the humanitarian crisis in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

 The camp provides year-round opportunities for volunteers from around the world to work together to improve the living conditions of children and young people living in refugee camps in Turkey.

 ICYF has since expanded its volunteer program to include projects across six other countries in the region. 

How To Apply?

ICYF International Volunteer Camp Turkey is an amazing experience for the volunteers. The camp provided platforms for volunteers to develop new skills and connect with other like-minded individuals. 

Overall, the camp was a great way to spend volunteer time and build relationships with others. Volunteers should consider attending ICYF International Volunteer Camps in the future!

Apply NOW!

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