Meta Internships 2023

Meta Internships for Undergraduates and Graduates || Work in Facebook 2023

Meta which are consist of Whatsapp, Instagram, Messenger, Meta Quest, Workplace, and Meta Portal. Meta invites applicants from all over the world to apply for their internship initiative.

The purpose of the Internships is to spread awareness about the meta as well as help students find long-term job opportunities at meta.

This internship will cover your entire expenses and will help you with your accommodation and settlement in North America. This is the best opportunity for Both Undergraduate and Graduates students who are willing to pursue their careers in the meta.

As per the record, meta offers a competitive hourly rate of $25.38 to their intern so this is a paid internship with huge extra grants.

If you are nearby to North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Asia Pacific you must avail of this internship because it will help you to explore the meta different projects. It will help you to pursue a career in the meta (Whatsapp, Instagram, Messenger, Meta Quest, Workplace, and Meta Portal)

META offices Locations in Different Countries

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe, the Middle East, & Africa
  • Asia Pacific

Meta University

Meta University is a hands-on, immersive program that enables students from underrepresented communities to get to know Meta’s people, programs, and technologies.

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What is Meta University?

Meta University is an immersive ten-week paid internship program that enables students from underrepresented communities to get to know Meta’s people, products, and services.

How does it work?

The program was designed to provide technical skill development and professional work experience to students who are historically underrepresented. It takes place from May to August and includes a few weeks of relevant technical training followed by hands-on project work. Throughout the duration of the program, participants are paired with a Meta team member who serves as a mentor.

Who should apply

Current first-year or second-year college students studying at a four-year university (or equivalent program for special cases) in the U.S., Canada, or Mexico. Candidates from historically underrepresented groups are encouraged to apply.

How to apply

Applicants will be asked to submit their resumes, and both their high school and college transcripts (official or unofficial will suffice). Meta Eng students will also be asked to complete a 70-minute coding challenge.

Meta University Engineering and Product Design applications for 2022 are now closed. Please check for more info about the 2023 application.

University Grads

Start your career by doing something meaningful. You’ll hit the ground running, learn from the best in the industry and build technologies used by billions of people around the world. There’s no limit to the impact you can make at Meta.

Engineering Bootcamp

All engineers—from grads to VPs—go through an engineering boot camp when they join Meta. This Bootcamp is a training program, lasting approximately 6 weeks, where you gain insight into the range of engineering work happening across Meta, identify your passions and strengths, and align them to a team where you’ll have the most impact.

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How To Apply 

Please click on the link below to apply Meta (Whatsapp, Instagram, Messenger, Meta Quest, Workplace, and Meta Portal)

Keep in mind the meta open application every year so don’t forget to check the career page of meta internships.

The 2022 Application has closed now, you have to apply for the 2023 meta internship

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