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Global Peace Summit Baku 2022 | Previously Turkey

Global Peace Summit Baku 2022 by Global Peace Chain is a 4-day Summit in Baku previously held in Istanbul Turkey. The reason behind this summit is to gather like-minded people.

If you have any history or interest in the field of Sustainable development, Peace or Leadership you must apply for this summit.

Global Peace Summit Baku 2022 (GPST) is providing opportunities to extraordinary young, competent, and enthusiastic peacebuilders from 100+ countries. One, they develop ideas and road maps moving closer to achieving sustainable development goals. Two, advocating for peace in their communities in order to counter extreme violence, hate, and all forms of discrimination.

The duration of this summit is from 27th to the 30th of October 2022

This summit aims to inspire youth to sharpen skills of peace education, facilitate the exchange of ideas and project sharing, and new networks to form with like-minded individuals and world leaders.


Introduction to Global Peace Summit Baku

Global Peace Summit Baku 2022 will foster mutual understanding and harness the capacity building of youth. Social harmony, exposure, and ideation create new impact. GPST also aims to engage young people in conflict resolution, amplify their voices for social justice and create a harmonious environment among communities & societies.

This summit will provide an opportunity for students and young leaders to bring solutions and projects on Reshaping Youth Response to UNSDGs by participating in different peace sessions, talks, group discussions, and activities with international delegates and speakers.

 Discussion Topics for Summit

  • Peace Education
  • Global Citizenship
  • Empowering the post Covid-19
  • Youth Leader for Social Transformation
  • Youth Engagements in Politics
  • Disabling inequalities



  • 110 Self-Funded
  • 200 Total Number of Applicants 
  • Might select some for World Youth Cup 2022-23
  • Medals and Certificates will be distributed among applicants!


  • Age between 16-40 years.
  • You will be dedicated to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal.
  • Students and Professionals are highly encouraged to apply.
  • Open-minded, motivated, and passionate.
  • You don’t have any criminal record of travel to Turkey.

The Applicants will be offered 

  • Airfare & Accommodation
  • Visa Assistance
  • Opportunity to interact with Global Leaders
  • Meet with like-minded young social entrepreneurs
  • Share your initiatives with others
  • Peace Education & Leadership Capacity Building
  • Group activities
  • Awards & Certifications
  • Signatory campaign
  • Cultural Presentation
  • Gala Night
  • Site visit

Eligible Countries for Global Peace Sumit

Global Peace Summit Baku is open to almost 100+ countries. Check out all the eligible countries listed on their official sites.

Apply Procedure

  • Applicant needs to apply online
  • You have to pay $25 in advance for the online application (Non-Refundable)
  • The authority will let you know in October 2022
  • Prepare for the flight and departure 

Last Date

The last date to apply Global Peace Summit in Baku previously held in Turkey varies

2022     26th September (Baku)

2021     20th August (Turkey)

2020     20th  August (Turkey)

Official Link

Click Here to Apply 


What is a global peace summit?

Global Peace Summit Baku 2022 is an initiative to impact the world by bringing world leaders together in one place. GPS Baku aims to connect with youngsters, enhance their voice for social equity, and establish an amicable climate among networks and social orders.

How your participation in the global peace summit would benefit your community?

Opportunity to interact with Global Leaders. Meet with like-minded young social entrepreneurs. A chance to share your social impacts. Peace Education & Leadership Capacity Building Sessions.

How do I become a global peace ambassador?

Fill out the application on this page and send it to us. No purchase or cost is required—just your word. Must be 14 years of age or older to register as a Peace Ambassador. You will receive an email from World Citizen Peace with a printable Peace Action card

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