Morocco Government Scholarships 2022-23 Fully Funded

Moroccan Government Scholarship 2022-23|| Fully Funded

AMCI ( The Moroccan Agency of International corporation) is offering scholarships to students from about 55 countries including Pakistan to get admission in Kingdom Public and Private institutes for Higher studies in Morocco. Candidates can also apply to Technical and vocational institutes for the academic year 2022-23.

HEC Moroccan Government scholarships 2022-23 were recently announced. The candidates applying for HEC – Moroccan Government scholarships 2022 have to apply via their country nomination agency for Moroccan Government scholarship 2022-23. The nomination agency for Pakistani students is HEC Pakistan. Everyone is asking for the last date to apply for a Moroccan Government scholarship nowadays. 

In this article, we will discuss how to apply for Moroccan Government scholars. What are the eligibility criteria to apply for a Moroccan Government scholarship? Where do we have to send documents to apply for the HEC Moroccan Scholarship? Details are mentioned below in this article or blog post.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for Moroccan Government Scholarship

Many people are looking for eligibility criteria to apply for HEC Moroccan Scholarship. We will discuss all these basic requirements in detail.

  • Applicants must be Pakistani nationals. People from Pakistan & AJK are eligible to apply for these Moroccan Government scholarships. People with Permanent residency in Pakistan can also apply for HEC Moroccan Government scholarships.
  • Candidates having dual nationality can not apply because they are not eligible for these scholarships in Africa.
  • Final-year students can also apply for Moroccan Government scholarships
  • Candidates must be ready or available to travel by the end of September 2023 or the start of November 2023. Their academic year starts in September. Only available candidates will be considered to be selected for scholarships.
  • Candidates must have done their HSSC/A levels (12th class) minimum with A grades. To apply for undergraduate applicants age must be 19 years to 23 years.
  • Applicants applying for a Masters’s degree must have done 16th years of education in relevant degrees to apply for public universities in Morocco. There is no age limit for master’s degree applicants in Morocco.
  • To apply for Ph.D. from HEC Scholarship in Morocco, applicants must have done a Master’s from HEC recognized institute in the respective field in which they want to pursue their Ph.D.
  • There is a specific French language requirement to go for a Moroccan Government scholarship for the year 2022-23. We will discuss these points in detail here below in the language section.
  • Applicants must fulfill or meet the requirements set by Moroccan Universities.
  • Successful candidates must not be expelled from the Kingdom Of Morocco earlier due to any criminal activity.
  • Candidates having a French language certificate will be preferred for the Moroccan Government Scholarship.

Applicants must be in good health both physically and mentally. Applicants must have a medical certificate as an HEC medical certificate sample.

 Required Documents

Here are the required Documents you should prepare for this scholarship.

  • Matric and Intermediate diplomas and certificates for undergraduate students attested from their respective boards, IBCC, and Ministry of foreign affairs MOFA Pakistan.
  • For Master’s/Ph.D. you have to send the documents up to your last degree all attested documents from IBCC, HEC, and Ministry of foreign affairs MOFA Pakistan.
  • Applicants must have birth certificate copies attested from the Grade 16 office or from the Ministry of foreign affairs MOFA Pakistan.
  • To apply for scholarships applicants must have Police Clearance that can be obtained from their nearest or native police department. The police clearance certificate must not be expired or more than 06 months old. otherwise, this will lead to your disqualification for the Hec MOROCCAN SCHOLARSHIP for the year 2022-23
  • 2 Passport size photos both attested from the back side by any Grade 16 officer or any authorized person.
  • Medical Certificate that certifies that Candidates don’t have any zoonotic or contagious disease that is spreadable. They required a certificate certifying that the Candidate doesn’t have Hepatitis, AIDS, or any other disorder.
  • 1 copy of HEC printed copy and 2 copies of AMCI with the documents listed above.

Two Recommendation letters from your previous institute attended that certify that you are an extraordinary gentleman who is able to fit into any frame to perform well and beyond expectations.

Field of studies 

There are many fields in which you can apply for. There are no specific field limitations.

Last Date:

The last Date to apply for Government of Morocco Scholarships is 30 September.

For undergraduate

  • LAW

         FOR Masters

To apply for a master’s there are also no specific field limitations.

  • Law
  • Finance
  • Science
  • Computer sciences
  • Life sciences
  • Arts
  • Literally

      For P.hD

  • All fields of study are available to apply for your desired faculty. You must have done your masters in that field.

Where to Send documents:

FOR HEC MOROCCAN SCHOLARSHIP for the year 2022-23, You have to send your documents to the following address specified by HEC.

All applicants must send completed hard copies of their applications along with documents through postal mail to HEC at the address given below on or before 20th September 2022.

​Foreign Funded Scholarships,

Scholarships Division, Higher Education Commission

Sector H-9, Islamabad.

How to Apply 

  • Applicants have to visit, create their account, and have to apply for HEC MOROCCAN SCHOLARSHIP for the year 2022-23.
  • Download and fill AMCI application form available at 
  • The applicant may fill in his/her particulars in the English language on the French application form.
  • Apply online at HEC on the website:  After registering and filling out your profile, please select “Learning Opportunities Abroad”. After submission of the application, get its printed copy to be signed by the applicant


Q: Last date to apply for a Morocco Scholarship?

Ans: The last date to apply for a Morocco scholarship is the 30th of September. Your documents should be sent to the Islamabad office for scholarships in Morocco before 30th September 2022 before 4 pm by the evening.

Q: Can we study MBBS on this scholarship?

Ans: Yes, we can study MBBS/MD on this scholarship. There are 3 seats for MBBS/MD in these scholarships.

Q: Can we change the program after selection?

Ans: Yes you can, they allow you to do so.

Q: How many total seats for Morocco scholarships?

Ans: 8 seats are allocated each year. 5 Undergrad, 2 Master/Mphil, and 1 Ph.D.

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